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Sit back relax and enjoy your content in peace at eye level, hands free with TripClip.

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How It Works

Safe & Reliable to Use - The TripClip® Travel Pro is totally unique in simply solving the issue of having to hold your device whilst on board.

The TripClip® Travel Pro

TripClip Features

Safe & Reliable to Use

TripClip has a built in large magnetic surface for an unrivalled magnetic attraction, covered with a silicone cushion pad for extra hold with less friction resistance so device stays firmly in place.

1x Adhesive metal plate with key lock system for larger devices, 1x Adhesive metal disc for your phone to attach.

A Beautiful Design

This impressive device turns heads as never before has it been able to enjoy your viewing at eye level on board a flight on your device.

The sleek compact lightweight design, secures your device so you can rest easy and enjoy your favourite viewing.

Easy seatback viewing

Simply slide the appropriate clip into the TripClip Pro, and fix it to the back of the seat in front of you.
Now just pick your favourite show!

Multiple Devices

Your TripClip comes with an adhesive metal disc for your phone and an adhesive metal plate for your tablet out of the box.

Ease to Use

Although seatback sizes often vary, we have designed the TripClip to be extremely easy to use across a range of seats.

Stylish Travel Case

We understand that the modern traveler is looking for both function and beauty. Your TripClip comes in a styles travel case, ready to go. 


For Me, Buying Tripclip® Is a No Brainer

For me, buying TripClip® is a no brainer. I can't believe how simple the concept is and yet so powerful. I am always on the go for my work and watching my content from my phone is for me like breathing. I can't wait to buy TripClip®. Please let me know as soon as it is available for purchase. I would be forever grateful if you could put me on the waiting list for the next availability.

Cynthia Baloula, Entrepreneur -

Amazing Product!

What a great idea and to see it come to life is just so exciting. When we at Retail inMotion first seen this product our thoughts where “at last the travel industry has a product they can depend on” Its so adaptable to the user in so many situations with just the change of a clip, airplanes ,trains , buses and even behind your car seat ! There is nothing else in the market that comes close. A product like TripClip ® is long overdue considering its excellent design it has mass appeal worldwide. We cant wait to be travelling again soon and using it ourselves.

Retail inMotion -

Can’t Travel Without It

With all of the products we design, this is one that stands out. Our team does a lot of travelling and Tripclip® is definitely a product everyone will be using on their flights in the future, it solves a problem and just works.

Box Clever -

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