Travel Buddy


The Travel Buddy is the basic version to the TripClip Travel Pro. Perfect for the occasional flyer. Same unrivalled secure hold as the pro. 

Firmly secures your smartphone on most seats for hands-free movie viewing, phone calls, music enjoyment, instead of holding on hands, which prevents you from a completely relaxing travel experience. The Magnetic Travel Buddy device from TripClip features simple installation (clip in, clip on, attach, relax). Just clip in the correct clip, clip on to the seat in-front, attach your phone/Tablet, to the magnetic surface & relax. 


Reliability, Stability & Safety:

TripClips Magnetic L shaped Mount features powerful neodymium magnets( 8 magnets), ABS seamless body, and anti-slip rubber cushion. The Magnetic device Holder designed to securely hold the phone in place even on bumpy roads or take off and landing, offering incredible stability and safety.Two different magnet metal plates included for your your phone & larger plate for tablet.

Minimalist Design & Infinite Flexibility:

The TravelBuddy Magnetic holder body design has a compact size, seamlessly integrating including carabiner for attaching onto your carry-on bag, when in use causes no disturbance to fellow passengers in front of you. 

Maximum flexibility:

You can place the phone to any orientation freely, no matter vertical or horizontal. The TravelBuddy Phone/tablet Holder allows you to adjust the phone to an optimal angle for convenient viewing.

Robust Construction & User-Friendly:

The TravelBuddy Magnetic mount body design greatly reduces wobble. Seamless Ultrasonically welded ABS makes the Magnet Holder handle all devices once the holder is set up securely. The rubber cushions stop the device mount from slipping and prevent scratches to seats, screens & surfaces. Scientifically arranged, the 8 neodymium magnets cause no interference with phone/tablet.

Whats included?

3 Universal clips in total to accommodate train, plane, car & bus seats. Includes Carry case... TripClip TravelBuddy Magnetic Mount.